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Thank You

Year: 1969 - Album: Led Zeppelin II

  		Intro: D (D Dsus4 D D9 D D D9 D)

 D            C             G                          D
If the sun refuse to shine,   I would still be loviní you
                 C                 G     
When mountains crumble to the sea,        
thereíll still be you and me
Bm                       E     Bm             E       A
  Kind woman I give you my all,   kind woman, nothing more
C                        G   
   Little drops of rain,   whisper of the pain,
Tears of love lost in the days go by
C                    G
   My love is strong,  for you there is no wrong,
  D               D4                D
Together we shall go untill we die, my, my, my,
Bm                        E 
   Inspirationís what you are to me,  
Bm              E       A
   inspiration look and see

SOLO (D C G D) 3x

D             C                  
And so today, my world it smiles,    
G                                      D 
   your hand in mine we walk the miles
Thanks to you it will be done,      
G                                             D 
   for you to me are the only one (I have said)
Bm                 E      Bm              E   A
  Happines no more be sad,   happiness... Iím glad

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Final: D

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