Kevin Max

Irish Hymn

Kevin Max


by  BABI811

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Irish Hymn

	  		Intro: C G Am Am7 F Fm C 

C          G         
Oh no look at the sun 
Am                  Am7 
Here it comes another Monday 
F                      Fm                     C 
Without warning man time shoots down the drain 
C                       G 
Take a look your life is over 
Am                Am7 
Did you pick a four leaf clover? 
F                 Fm               C 
Anyway you end, you end anyway 

Am              Am7 
I pray for the rain 
                F                      G 
And then I start to dance insane 
Won't you follow me then? 
C G Am Am7 This one's for all you people F G C Who hit the rock bottom but climbed it back up again
C G Oh lord where are you now? Am Am7 Clouds as dark as midnight vulture's F Fm G Hovering, the cover me I need you know C G Lead me on, take me somewhere Am Am7 Dont leave me falling backwards F Fm G Anyway you end, you end anyway Am Am7 I pray for the rain F G And then I start to dance again C Won't you follow me then
C G This is me looking at you Am Am7 I cant tell you what were gonna do girl F But I will let you know G C G I will be here standing with the blueprint and the schematic For your life child...
This one is all...

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