Kasey Chambers

Mother Keyboard

Kasey Chambers

Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Intro: D   E   A 
A                            D 
Do you remember when I was a baby 
      A          E 
Did I cry, did I cry? 
  D      E          A          D 
I only remember the days I was laughing 
     A           D          E 
When you sang me sweet lullabys 
when you sang me sweet bye and bye. 
Sometimes I wondered if you were an angel 
Would you fly, would you fly? 
Or would you just hover right here by my side 
keeping me warm and dry 
keeping me safe by your side. 
F#m D A E Mother Mother won't fall from grace F#m D A E Light a room with the lines on your face A D A - E And if you were a river run dry D E A Well I'd sing you sweet bye and bye.
V.3: All of the birds that land on my window sing your name, sing your name when all of the time I am crying again abbout how much the sky likes to rain when I should be singing your name. chorus -> D E A D E A (Hang on the last 3 chords) Bridge: F#m D A E And all of the flowers by the side of the road F#m D A E they whisper your name while they grow A D A - E and if you were a river run dry D E A well I'd sing you sweet bye and bye, A D A - E and if you were a river run dry D E A well I'd sing you sweet bye and bye

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