Kaiser Chiefs


Kaiser Chiefs

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       Bbm	          Fm	 
Let it never be said, the romance is dead 
              Cm	            Eb 
Cause thereís so little else,   occupying my head 
         Bbm	                      Fm 
There is nothing I need,    Ďsept the function to breathe 
        Cm	                      Eb 
But Iím not really fussed,    doesnít matter to me 

Bbm Fm Eb Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Bbm Fm Eb Iíd do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya Bbm Fm Eb The way you do it, do it to me Bbm Fm Eb Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
V2 Bbm Fm Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is cancelled Cm Eb Let the clockís be reset, and the pendulumís held Bbm Fm ĎCause thereís nothing Iím told, Ďsept the space in between Cm Eb Finding out what you're called, and repeating your name Chorus (E) Bridge Fm Dd Could it be, could it be, that youíre joking with me Bbm Eb E And you donít really donít see, you and meó X2 Solo Chorus Chorus Fm

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