Joyce Manor

Fake Id

Joyce Manor

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Fake Id

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Riff 2 with second guitar playing 

C, G, F ,G 


C            G          F           G 
Tell me what more could she want to be 

   C         G            F     G 
A super hot friend with a fake I.D 

    C             G           F             G 
She takes off her clothes and hands them to me 

   C             G      F         G 
And what she did next I could not believe 


F        G 
Don't be fooled 

    C               F 
The first two hours ruled 

    F        G 
But then she seduced 

   C               G     
Herself out of her room 

Am G Singing, "What do you think about Kanye West?" C F "I think that he's great, I think he's the best" Am G "Yeah, I think he's better than John Steinbeck C Am I think he's better than Phil Hartman"
verse 2 F G "Don't you agree?" C F "Can't you see you're just like me F G The man can do things F G G# The rest of us can only dream of, baby" BRIDGE C (ring out) Tell me what more could you want to see C5 G5 F5 G5 Try to calm down or leave it to me C5 G5 F5 G5 Freight elevator, now we're really rocking C G F G Breaking my heart going window shopping verse 3 F G Don't be shy C F Cause my friend Brandon died F G And I feel sad F G I miss him, he was rad

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