Jon Thurlow

Mighty Hand

Jon Thurlow

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Mighty Hand



F    C/E            G       Am  
Your blood speaks a better word 
F    C/E            G       Am  
Your love speaks a better word 
 F        C/E                     G       Am  
(Speaking mercy, mercy; speaking lovely, lovely) 


         F      C/E       G       Am  
There is therefore now no condemnation 
         F      C/E       G       Am  
For those who are in Christ Jesus 
         F      C/E       G       Am  
Where are your accusers now, where are your accusers now? 
         F      C/E       G       Am  
With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm 
         F      C/E       G       Am  
You are the God who saves, Deliverer Your name 

F C/E G Am You put the ring upon my finger, You put the robe upon my back F C/E G Am You throw Your arms around me and say F C/E G “You are my son, my daughter, don’t forget”
Tag F C/E G Am Salvation belongs to the Lord, salvation belongs to the Lord

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