Everywhere (with You Man)


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Everywhere (with You Man)


G             Em 
Follow me now, 
            G             Em 
lets take a long way home, 
               C          Em 
Then start all over again, 
     G              Em 
on a brand new road. 

With a wide open mind,      
I got it under control. 
The time is slowing me down, 

colorful sound, 
      G              D 
I can make it grow. 

G It's been a long time coming, Em are you ready? G Em I've been everywhere with you man, C Em are you ready, are you coming? G Em This is the last time... (play the intro riff here) Go ahead and be free, just act like me.
Bridge: G When you die, Em you lived your delicate life, G now you breath again, Em when you're among your friends, C D it feels, so ready to be now

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