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The Race Keyboard

Johnny Edward

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by bombaXXX

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The Race

Intro     D    A     E  (x4)  
(hit the B string with each change to get the descending base line) 

verse 1: 
D                 A                   E    (x4) 
Before you wind up on the side 
Of the road we're driving on 
So you don't run, So I don't hide 
Gonna lift my foot before this engine dies 

A E So slow down baby Bm We're spinning out before we hit the A E Bm finish line
A E Our hearts are racing Bm but I know there's no failure in just A E Bm taking our time D A E (x2) verse 2: D A E (x4) I can't afford to lose you darling Rushing into bed So I threw a yellow flag in hopes to keep from throwing red Chorus Bridge: A E Bm If this works out A E Bm If we make it through A E Bm I can't wait A E Bm To learn you D A E (x2) Chorus Outro: D A E (x4)

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