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Johnny Duncan

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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(Johnny Duncan)

  		G                            C  
Maybe she was smilin' in the mirror 
D                            G   
Maybe I was too, cause I was stoned 
G                             C (walk down)    Am 
Singin' every sad song on the jukebox one more time 
D                                G 
Honey they were hittin' close to home 
Maybe this'll make you think I'm crazy 
Honey, don't feel lonesome if you do 
If you wanna make a young man happy one more time 
I'd sure like to spend the night with you 
And she said 
G                                C 
Stranger, shut out the light and lead me 
D          D7                    G  
Somewhere, shut out the shadows, too 
             G                            C   
And while we lay there makin' believe you love me 
D         D7                 G 
Stranger, could I believe in you 
Maybe you got all you got together 
Maybe you keep rollin' like a stone 
Maybe some old lonesome song'll take you by surprise 
And leave you just a little more alone 

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