John Mayer

Paper Doll Keyboard

John Mayer

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by brunblazkowski

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Paper Doll

  		These are the chords John uses in his new single, Paper Doll. John is mostly  
just riffing on the chords throughout, giving it that Mayer-y feel. Tuning is  
standard, no capo. Hope you guys are blessed by this!--- 


G, repeated throughout. It sounds to me as though John is riffing on the B string  
as follows: 12--s10--s8 (or high E 7--s5--s3)and then heads to a G chord like  
3x543x while hammering the g string from the 5 fret to the fourth.  

(Same as intro) 
Paper doll, come try it on 
Step out of that black chiffon 
Here?s a dress of gold and blue 
Sure was fun being good to you 

G, Em, C 

This one we made just for Fall 
And Winter runs a bit too small 
This mint green is new for Spring 
My love didn?t cost a thing 

Em C D You?re like twenty-two girls in one Em C D And none of them know what they?re runnin? from Em C Was it just too far to fall? D G For a little paper doll
Verse G throughout Fold a scarf, Moroccan red And tie your hair behind your head Strap into some heels that hurt You should?ve kept my undershirt Chorus Interlude G, C, D, Em Verse G throughout Cut the cord and pull some strings And make yourself some angel wings And if those angel wings don?t fly Em C D Someone?s gonna paint you another sky Chorus ?Cause you?re like twenty-two girls in one And none of them know what they?re runnin? from Was it just too far to fall? (x2)

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