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Inside A Break Keyboard

John Frusciante

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by tarikike

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Inside A Break

C                           Gm           F           (All the same) 
Inside a break there's only moments that hide 
Every mistake is really worth a try 
I know a way a lie can be refined 
Hand me your cross and run for your life 
Any good luck is a falling tree 
I'm no one and no one is me 
All day to call some kind of faceless guide 
Some day you see is just today in a guise 

Every pace you go would go without you 
The busiest days there's really nothing to do 
I go away to turn the dark to light 
Don't look at me when you're wondering why 

Cm      Gm      F 
Hymns sound so good to him 
Cm      Gm      F 
Reflections occur within 
G#              A# 
Unwind so called holes 

Language is false but it speaks to me 
Places are gone when there's no one to see 'em 
I got a pain that spans millions of lives 
Going to where we'll dive into the sky 

Any old way is a new way to be 
There's just no cause for beating anybody 
All of us kids we like to climb and fall 
Once within there's nothing better at all 
Than nowhere 

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