Jim O'Rourke

Something Big

Jim O'Rourke

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Something Big

Dmaj9					Bm9 
Like a grain of sand that wants to be a rolling stone 
I want to be the man I'm not, 

and have the things 
I really 
        Dmaj7             Gmaj7 
haven't got, and that's a lot. 


There'll be joy 

	F#m7    Em7 
and there'll be laughter. 
Dmaj7		 Gmaj7		 Gm6 
Something big is what  I'm after now 
	  Bm7	   A	 Gmaj 
Yes, it's what I'm after now. 
	      F#m7    Em7 
After taking, take up giving, 
Dmaj7		 Gmaj7		   Gm6 
something big is what  I'm living  for. 
	  Bm7	    A	  Gmaj7 
Yes, it's what I'm living for, 
living for. 

Dmaj9			   Bm9 
Why do I go on and fill my life with little things 
when there are big things I must do, 
and lots of dreams that really 
	    Dmaj7	    Gmaj7 
should come true before I'm through. 

There'll be joy… (and so on) 
	      F#m7    Em7 
After taking, take up giving… (and do on) 

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