J.C. Nelson


J.C. Nelson



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B5 A5 G5 F#5   2x 

Verse 1: 

Well it's five o'clock 
And the sun is high 
       G              F# 
On this champagne afternoon 
My mind is crashing  
My body is drifting  
    G                 F# 
And it's all because of you 
Soon the moon will rise 
The lights will die 
    G            F# 
And everyone will see 
   B           A 
What the hell I really am 
       G            F# 
A wolf-blood thirst-killing machine 
B I said "Wolf!" motherf***er C# Wont you take me home? D B Or take me to the ball A I've been encased in this body far too long B A B Now there's gonna be a big blood brawl
Chorus> Verse 2: (Same as first) Well it's seven now Ladies in gowns Men are dressed to please Take your lady By their hands And bring them to their knees Soon the moon will rise The lights will die And everyone will see What the hell I really am A wolf-blood thirst-killing machine Chorus: (Same as Chorus) Middle: D C# B A B (listen for rythym) Wolf! I said "Wolf!" D C# Bring them to their knees! Play Chorus with no vocals Chorus: 1st time with no guitar 2nd time with guitar End: F# Play Chorus with no vocals

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