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Cry Prettu

Jason Eady

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Cry Prettu


Intro: G C G C 

G                                               C 
I know it's been a while since I've seen you girl 
G                                                   C 
Funny we should meet up at a place like this 
G                            C 
Sure I've got a minute but I can't stay long 
G                                              C 
I've got someone waiting for me outside 

Damn you sure look just like I remember 
It's too bad things turned out like they did 
You've got that same look in your eyes now 
Last time I saw it you were leaving 
Em D/F# C Has anybody ever told you you sure cry pretty G D/F# C You stand tall and move with grace Em D/F# C Has anybody ever told you you sure cry pretty G D/F# C Your tears fall but they don't leave a trace
(Intro of Solo) Yeah I thought about you for a little while Yeah I guess I still do now and then If only this had been another time girl Maybe you might just break me down (Chorus) (Solo) Em D/F# C Em D/F# C G C It's time for me to go I hope you understand I'm sure that you'll be fine once I'm gone I'm sure there's someone out there you can turn to Just keep your head up girl and you'll be fine (Chorus) (Outro) G D/F# C

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