James Taylor

Diamond Joe

James Taylor

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Diamond Joe

Am C Am C 
Am Am 

Verse 1:

C Am F Am Now there is a man you'll hear about most anywhere you go F C Am His holdings are in Texas, and his name is Diamond Joe F C Am He carries all his money in a diamond-studded jar C Am F Am He never was much bother by the process of the law

Verse 2:

C Am F Am Yes I hired out to Joe boys, I did offer him my hand F C Am He gave a string of horses so old they could not stand F C Am I swear I like to starve to death, he did mistreat me so C Am F Am And I never did save a dollar in the pay of Diamond Joe C Am I swear I never did save a dollar...

Verse 3:

C Am F Am His bread it was corn dodger and his meat I could not chaw F C Am And he drove me near distracted with that waggin' of his jaw F C Am And the tellin' of his stories, boys, I mean to let you know C Am F Em Am That there never was a rounder who could lie like Diamond Joe
C Am

Verse 4:

C F Am Well I tried three times to quit him, boys, but he did argue so F C Am That I'm still punchin' cattle in the pay of Diamond Joe F C Am And when I'm called up yonder and it comes my time to go C Am F Give my blankets to my buddies ooh... Am give the fleas to Diamond Joe C Am That's right.. C Am Give my blankies to my buddies give the fleas to Diamond Joe

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