James McMurtry

Gulf Road

James McMurtry

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Gulf Road

                      E                        C#m 
  Not a hot cup of coffee, nor a cold glass of tea 
       A                             E 
  Ever crossed your lips, in my company 
  E                                      C#m 
  Straight bourbon whiskey, was all we'd abide 
           A                                         E 
  So let's don't hold back, now we've got nothing to hide 

               E                    C#m 
  So much we savored yet so much we missed 
           A                                E 
  You know I never meant you to see me like this 
                       E                             C#m 
  Just a faint distant flicker, from the last of the storm 
             A                                    E 
  You know a taste of that liquor, could do me no harm 

C#m A E Light me a candle, light me a fire B A E Come sit by the window, with the shades drawn C#m A E To the best of intentions, and the worst of desires B A E We'll leave by the Gulf Road, in the gray dawn
E C#m Take a short handled shovel, take a long handled hoe A E Cover my bones when the west wind blows E C#m Smooth it off even, pack it down hard A E I'll no more be here, but I'll never be far A E I'll no more be here, but I'll never be far Chorus

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