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Sleepy Time Gal Keyboard

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Sleepy Time Gal

(Joseph Reed Alden, Raymond Egan, Ange Lorenzo and Richard A.Whiting)

  D    D9   D   D6    D     D6     D5+  A7        Gdim 
Sleepy   time gal,  you're turnin'    night into day 
Gdim  Cdim A7           A7	A7/13-   A7  D   D6  D D6 D C#7 C7 
Sleepy time gal,  you've danced the ev'ning away 
B7    Cdim      B7      Cdim  E7  Cdim A7  E7 
   Before each silvery star fades out of sight 
E7     E6 E7    Em7/9 Em7 Em7/9  A7 
Please give me    one  little    kiss   
G/B  Em7 G/B Em7 G/B Cdim    A7      
Then let us whisper  "Good - night" 
A   A7M  A   Gdim   A7  
It's gettin'  late, Dear  
 Your     pillow        is     waitin' 
D      D9  D   D6    D   D6  D5+  A7          Gdim 
Sleepy    time gal, when all your dancin' is through 
Gdim   Cdim  A7       A7/13-   F#7          Bm     Bm7/E 
Sleepy time gal, I'll find a cottage for you 
                E7/9 E7 E7/9 E7  G/B 
You'll learn to cook and to sew  
A7     Fdim          D          F#7   B7 
What's more, you'll love it, I know 
              Em7           A7 
When you're a stay-at-home, play-at-home   
G/B           A7    Fdim  D 
Eight o'clock sleepy time gal 

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