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Do You Remember Keyboard

Jack Johnson

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Do You Remember

Year: 2005 - Album: In Between Dreams

  		Introdução: D  Bm  A  G (com o riff, que segue em todos os versos) 

  D           A                       E 
    Do you remember when we first met, I sure do 
                G                A 
    it was sometime in early september 
D                 A                     E
    But you were lazy about it you made me wait around 
               G                       A 
    I was so crazy about you I didn't mind 
D               A                       E 
    So I was late for class I locked my bike to yours 
               G                         A 
    it wasn't hard to find you painted flowers on it 
D               A                       E 
    Guess that I was afraid that if you rode away 
                   G                      A 
    you might not roll back my direction real soon 
                 A                                   E
    Well I was crazy about you then and now but the craziest thing of all 
          G                   Em                  Em 
    over ten years have gone by and you're still mine 
               Em           A  G  F#m - (E ?) 
    locked in time let's rewind 
D             A                       E  
    Do you remember when we first moved in together 
          G                A
    the piano took up the living room 
D                  A                      E 
    You played me boogie woogie, I played you love songs 
                      G                      A
    you'd say we'll play in-house, now you still say we are 
D             A                   E
    We built our getaway up in a tree we found 
                G                   A
    we felt so far away but we were still in town 
D             A                   E
    Now I remember watching that old tree burn down 
              G                      A
    I took a picture that I don't like to look at 
        A                                      E
    but all these times they come and go and along don't seem so long 
          G                   Em             Em 
    over ten years have gone by, we can't rewind,  
                     Em                     A  G  F#m - (E ?) 
    we're locked in time, but you're still mine 
D             A
    do you remember?  (Aqui só vai o riff até "Bm" ) 
Contribuição: Gabriel Pereira Isaacsson([email protected]) 
Correção: Guilherme Gorzoni de Souza ([email protected]) 

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