Iron And Wine

Joy Keyboard

Iron And Wine

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by andrsouza

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Verse 1 chords: 

                Am            Am/G     D 
Deep inside the heart of this troubled man 
                      G           G/F#         Em 
There's an itty bitty boy tugging hard at your hand 
                 Am            Am/G      D 
Born bitter as a lemon but you must understand 
That you've been bringing me... joy 

(Verse 2: use verse 1 chords)
And I'll only lie when you don't want the truth 
I'm only frightened 'cause you finally gave me something to lose 
And it's as loud as a thunderclap and you hear it too 
But you've been bringing 

Interlude: Am   Am/G   D 
           G   G/F#   Em 
           Am   Am/G   D   E 

(Verse 3: use verse 1 chords) 

Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess 
I'm only calm when I get lost within your wilderness 
Born crooked as a creek bed and come to confess 
That you've been bringing 

(Verse 4: use verse 1 chords) 
And when I'm alive, I'm living for you 
Another bluebird dying, but for singing the blues 
And it's a heartfelt silly sort of bumbling tune 
About how you're bringing 

Outro: repeat interlude 

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