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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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Intro: Em Bm C Em D 

Em                        Bm 
Take my hand and lead the way 

C                       Em                    D 
Out of the darkness and into the light of the day 

Em                            Bm 
Take me somewhere I'll be safe 

C                 Em                 D 
Carry my lifeless body away from the pain 

'Cause I know what I've been missing 

And I know that I should try 

But there's hope in this admission 

And there's freedom in your eyes 

Em     C    D  
And we cry away 

Em                          Bm  
I'm sick and tired of being afraid 

     C                   Em                 D 
If I cry anymore then my tears will wash me away 

Em                          Bm 
But when I hear you call my name 

  C                        Em                     D 
I whisper the word that I never thought I'd ever say 

And I hope to God you'll listen 

And you'll keep me safe from harm 

'Cause I found what I was missing 

When I fell into your arms 

Em     C    D  
And we cry away 

Interlude: Em, C, G, D (2x) 

Em                      C      (Cadd9)  
I can feel the darkness coming 

        G            D 
And I'm afraid of myself 

Em                         C        (Cadd9) 
Call my name and I'll come running 

       G                D      
'Cause I just need some help   (2x) 

Solo: Em C (Cadd9)  G D (2x) 

Outro: Em C G D Em  

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