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The love that Died Keyboard


Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by Arkangelus

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The love that Died

  		   C       A      G 
Our love was once so sweet  
     D          F 
but now i can feel the heat 
C    D      F 
of you and me 
    Fm      Dm 
we are falling apart 
  C    D  D    F    G    E     A     E 
please dont this end with a broken heart 
   G     C       E 
How can you be so cold 
     G    C      E 
and just let our love unfold 
     E         Em 
ohh the nights i've cried 
   F    A    d     G7     Em  
how can this be the love that died 
   D       D         E 
you have taken my spirit away 
    E7          C           g 
now like death, your memory shall stay  
haunting me  
         E    G    D     E 
reminding me of what we used to be 


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