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by rumbanjo

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One Thing

Year: 2007 - Album: Saviour King

  		Intro: F  C/E  Gm  

Verse 1:   
F              Gm9  
One thing I desire   
C            Dm Bbadd2  
One thing I seek   
F                  Gm9   
To gaze upon Your beauty   
C         Dm    
Your Majesty   

Verse 2:    
F            Gm9   
God of my salvation   
C              Dm Bbadd2  
Lifter of my head   
F               Gm9   
Teach me how to live oh Lord   
C            F  
Your righteousness   

Gm    Dm     Csus C  
So I pray to You   
Gm    Dm     Csus C  
So I pray to You  

Lord Your name   
Is higher than the heavens   
     C/C#  Dm   
Lord Your name   
     C          Bbadd2       F   
Is higher than all created things   
Higher than hope   
             Bbadd2   F   
Higher than dreams   
     C            F    
The name of the Lord  

Verse 3:    
F               Gm9   
In the day of trouble   
C         Dm  Bbadd2  
You cover me   
F                        Gm9 Bbadd2   
In the secret place of refuge   
C            F   
Lord I will sing   

                 Bbadd2    C   
I will seek Your face   
               Dm   C/E F     
Call upon Your Name Jesus   
              Bbadd2   C   
All I want is You    


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