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Looks Could Kill Keyboard


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Looks Could Kill

  		INTRO: G5  Eb5   F5    G5

(VERSE) (G5) Caught you in the act - can't put up with that
(Eb5) messing where you shouldn't be
I (F5) wanna hear you say you're (D5) sorry
cause nobody takes (G5) advantage of me  (Eb5) (F5)

You're (G5) missing the mark - shooting in the dark
I'm (Eb5) pulling the wool from my eyes
(F5) baby don't you push me (D5) further
it's gonna hurt (G5) you if it happens here
(Eb5) If looks (F5) could kill (G5) (Eb5) (F5) you'd be lying on the floor (G5) (Eb5) (F5) you'd be begging me please (G5) please (Eb5) baby (Bb5) don't hurt me no more (F5) If looks could kill you'd be reeling from the pain and you'd never lie again If looks could kill

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