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by andrsouza

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Private Parts

F#m             E                        D 
Baby forgive me did I do something wrong? 
                      E                       F#m 
(I don't wanna talk, cant we just let it go?) 
                      E                           D 
What could be so bad that you'd leave me hangin' on? 
                      E                          D 
(I'm not doin' time, this is not the scene of a crime) 
I lay in bed at night contemplating, 
D                       E 
why the hell you gotta keep me waiting. 

A E Every time I try to get a little closer F#m You shut down and the conversation's over D I'm right here, but you leave me in the dark A Show me your private parts. E Give it up baby, what are you afraid of F#m Love sucks when you don't know what it's made of D We get naked but I can't undress your heart A E Show me your private parts, F#m D show me your private parts
F#m E D I can't remember the last time that this felt real E (I would've cut you out, if I didn't love you) F#m E D And how can you blame me for feelin' the way I feel? E D (I'm not blaming you, I'm just tryin' to figure it out) D E I can take a little hesitating, D E I'll wait forever if its worth the waiting CHORUS F#m D They say that silence is gold, but I think that's a lie A E F#m You think I already know, but I can't read your mind... F#m E D Baby forgive me did I do something wrong? E (I don't wanna talk...) Show me your private part

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