Guy Clark

The Dark

Guy Clark

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The Dark


Intro: D A Em (4x) 

D              A                             Em 
In the dark you can sometimes hear your own heartbeat 
                                   D  A  Em 
Or the heart of the one next to you 
D                      A                       Em 
And the house settles down after holding itself up all day 
             D     A          Em 
Shoulders slump, gives a big sigh 
                        D   A       Em 
You hear no oneís foot fall in the hall 
D                         A                  Em 
That drip in the kitchen sink keeps marking time 
D                      A                     Em 
June bug on the window screen can't get in, but keeps on trying 
D               A                    Em 
One way or another we're all in the dark 

A G Fireflies and sparks and lightning and stars A G Campfires, the moon, headlights on cars A G The Northern lights, the Milky Way You can't see that stuff in the day
D-A-Em (4x) D A Em The Earth turns its back on the sun D A Em And the stars come out and the planets start to run, around D A Em They call that 'day is done D A Em But really it's just getting started D A Em Some folks take comfort in that A G How dark is it? It's too dark for goblins A G How dark is it? It's so dark you can smell the moon A G How dark is it? It's so dark the wind gets lost A G How dark is it? So dark the sky's on fire A G (hold) How dark is it? Itís so dark you can see Fort Worth from here (D-A-Em) x 6 then (D)

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