Hell Freezes Over 2


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Hell Freezes Over 2


Am                      Em 
Twilight on the doorway 
                   A        Am 
Snapshots from the fifties 
Chilly wind in dark streets 
          A                     Am 
Where the neon lights and stars meet 
  Em                     A 
Behold the golden turtle dreams 
  Am                           Em 
Stain the sheets where mothers weep 
A                    D   Dsus4 D 
Tears upon the dry bone 

              F                  Dm 
They wait for you, they wait for me 
       F          C       Am      Dm 
In the room where silence lingers 
       F       C   Am           Dm 
By the fire of Mesolithic night 
       F               C       Am           Dm 
By the trail where the animals dragged him 
        F           C       Am   A  
There´s nothing she doesn´t see 

      Am                       Em 
She´s keeping count of moments 
                    A               Am 
You can breathe and still not live 
She really needs to need it 
A                    Am 
That is how you feed it 
  Em                          A 
I sometimes hear the choir of screams 
   Am                         Em 
In other worlds where mothers grieve 
   A                          D     Dsus4 D 
In whispered sacred ghosts of sleep 

              F                 Dm 
They wait for me, they wait for you 
       F       C            Am     Dm 
By the ancient well of blue magic 
   F        C       Am     Dm 
Me drinking from my broken cup 
  F           c         Am         Dm 
Between these heavy old buildings 
        F           C       Am   D 
There´s nothing she doesn´t see 

They wait for you 
              A   Am 
They wait for me 
          Em              A/C# 
Sooner or later one of us goes 
I really tried to get close to you 
          A              Dm 
Where the neon and stars meet 

Solo over Dm F C Am 
repeat, end on Dm 

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