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Cold Shoulder Keyboard

Garth Brooks

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Cold Shoulder

Bm                            G                D    C   D 
There's a fire burning bright at our house tonight 
            Bm                      A 
Slow music playing and soft candle light 
                    G                    Bm 
On her lips I keep tasting the warm red wine 
                 D   A7sus     A7          D 
I'm there in her arms but it's all in her mind 
A G D C D The snow is piled high on the highway tonight Bm A I'm a ship lost at sea on this ocean of white G Bm Eighteen wheels anchored somewhere out of Dover D Asus A D Bm I wish I could hold her instead of hugging this old cold shoulder
D G D C D Bm this old highway is like a woman sometimes She can be your best friend but she's the real jealous kind She's the lady that leads me to the life I dream of She's the mistress that keep's me from the ones that I love chorus.... G D A7sus Bm G D God I wish I could hold her instead of huggin this old cold shoulder [email protected] (Daniel Nicholas)

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