Evandro Martinn

Only Memory

Evandro Martinn

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Only Memory

	  		Am            F             Am 
Every time I see this empty house 
            F              Am 
I remember when you were around 
               F              Am 
All the magic time we lived together 
                  F              Dm 
All the moments that will stay forever 
No, I only have the memory 

Dm           F 
We near the fire at night 
C              G 
Everything was so right 
Dm            Am                      C 
The snow, two glasses of wine in the candlenight 
F             Dm    F 
Now It's only memory 

      C            G/B 
Yor smile on those sunny days 
    Dm                    Am 
You dancing in the pouring rain 
    C             G 
We spending time making plans 
        Dm        F      G       Am  
Now It's only, ... only memory  

Am              F             Am 
In this house I only see your face 
               F                Am 
In the night I always call your name 
                 F         Am 
Made mistakes I know I am wrong 
               F            Dm 
All I want is you come back home 
Now I only have the memory 

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