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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by tarikike

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Rip Tide

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      F#m                                 D       C# 
We're rockin', droppin' sake poems like a kamikaze  
Champagne champion no trippin, we're sippin, forget your sorry 
F#m                                 D           C# 
Fill me up the margarita, grindin' with the senorita 
OJ Grey Goose screw drivin' screws loose 
Wanna grow love? 
               D        C# 
Plant two lips on tulips, come on baby 
Give me mucho Besos and smooches  
We're teeny boppin oh 
Booty poppin oh 
Pink panty droppin oh 
Mimosas and daiquiris with cherries on top of 'em 
                      D             C# 
Rockin' with the best from the east to the wild wild west coast 
F#m Woah, woah E B D Pull me in just like a riptide F#m I said woah woah E B D Go ahead and drown me with your sweet soul! F#m I said woah oooh oooh ooho E B D My heart is like a split divide, baby F#m D C# I said the half of it beats for me While the other half beats for you!
F#m E So when life hands you lemons take the lemons and bail B D We put em in the necks of our Corona's and sail F#m E Like rickety-rocka-di, tickety-tocka-di B D C# The Red Bull and Vodka's got the party rockin' F#m E We're groovin to the music and you're movin' and you're losin' B D You're infused up in the tunes and now the energy is cruisin' F#m She's so sweet, yeah E My baby like a mango B D Rose in my mouth well it takes two to tango F#m E Bingo, bango, ba-ba-ba-bongo B D C# Welsey's banging dirty beats on the bongo F#m E B D Woah, woah, woah, wooah (4x) F#m I'm on the couch in the back E Puffin on this shared reflex B D Got that ukulele and a pretty lady on my lap F#m Kiss kiss, cheek cheek E Wanna plant one in between B She's my beauty queen D Pretty eyes gone green F#m E A black dress looking sweet B D Victoria's Secret love spell so enchanting F#m E Romance me, slow dance me, fancy B D When you get a chance can you advance to the next beat Chorus

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