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by aleffederico

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Am       Dm                  G 
Up on a mountain over the plains 
             C            C/B          Am 
Christopher sat with his hands to his face 
                 Dm                      G 
This urn is her casket, this ash her remains 
                 C             C/B       Am 
It doesn't feel right just to throw it away 
               Dm                            G 
So he kept it with him everywhere that he strayed 
                  C          C/B             Am 
With long narrow shadows he shouldered the weight 
               Dm                          G 
If I keep her with me, then I'll keep her safe 
                          C          C/B 
He choked down the words that he wanted to say 

F C G Am G F Wish I could run from the place that poisons my passion away C G Wish I never wrote her anything Am G Am Let this be the last song I sing
Interlude Am Dm G C C/B Verse Am Dm G Grooves in his shoulders, the urn still in his clasp C C/B Am Christopher struggled against the river so fast Dm G Imaginary messiahs like the world on his back C C/B Am pushed him under the current where he drowned with the ash Dm G There's no moral to your story C C/B Am Yeah they're lying again my friend Dm G C C/B There's no moral to your story, my friend
F C G Am G F Say goodbye to the place that poisons your passion away C G If you write a lost love anything Am G F Fm Don't let it be the last song you sing
Outro Am C/B C G F Am C/B C G Am C/B C Em Dm Em B5 E/G# Am C/B C G F Am C/B C G Am C/B C Em Dm Em B5 E/G#

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