Elvis Perkins

Its Only Me Keyboard

Elvis Perkins

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by edsooliveira

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Its Only Me


Intro (with harmonica):  
Am G Am G Am - Fmaj7 C G Am x2 

G         Am    G            Am 
I heard a sound when I was a child 
Fmaj7        C                   G           Am 
someone was walking through the pillow that night 
    G    Am        G        Am 
the snow muted the pitch of night 
Fmaj7     C                     G        Am 
a shadow approached across the field in white 
G         Am G         Am 
it's only me it's only me  
        Fmaj7            C        G        Am 
and the sound of my own heart it startled me 
G     Am              G    Am 
as I drifted from the dark room  
Fmaj7 C                G    Am 
face lifted from the paper moon 
G         Am     G     Am 
reflected in the orbit bath  
Fmaj7          C             G         F 
he manages to say before he starts to laugh 
E                F         E                Dm   
you can't always trust the darkness and the dust 
Esus4       E    F             G              C  
but me I'm just a man it's more than I can understand 
     G    C  G        C 
it's only me its only me 
 Fmaj7        C        G        Am 

G         Am    G     Am 
The white noise falls away  
Fmaj7    C     G       Am 
to reveal the perfect day 
G           Am           G      Am 
where roses bloomed out of thin air  
Fmaj7        C                G      Am 
and music rose from down the buried stairs 
G         Am   G         Am 
it's only mine it's only mine  
Fmaj7              C             G            Am 
I grew it in the shade when the sun couldn't shine 
G                  Am      G              Am 
now there's always someone waiting at the mirror 
Fmaj7                C        G                 Am 
she stares like she knows me like a headlights deer 
G             Am          G     Am 
and there's a twin in the other room 
Fmaj7         C         G                     F 
she's always sowing and singing her songs of doom 
E                F         E                  Dm  
and at times I don't know why tears come to my eyes 
Esus4       E    F             G              Am       
and what if I go blind as they flow out of my mind 
G          C  G          C 
it worries me it worries me 
Fmaj7         C             G           F 
that there's someone on my mind that I don't see 

F                  C                  F               C 
I close my eyes to disappear into the fields of stars between my ears 
F                G          F           C           G        F     E 
the dark as they overlap we follow one another as we fade to black 
F    E   Dm   Esus4   E 

F C G C   G     C     G         C    F C G C 
      it's only night it's only night 

G         Am    G            Am 
An ultrasound when I was alive  
Fmaj7        C                G           Am 
the shadows go spying on the ones in the wild 
G              Am    G         Am 
they dip their arrows into the sea 
Fmaj7      C                G        Am 
they wash their arms as they wait for me 
G             Am     G         Am 
they wait for me they wait for me 
G            Am    G         Am 
hey wait for me hey wait for me 

Thanks to Elvis Perkins 
And a shout out to Prathepa because I told you so ;) 

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