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Alone In Myself Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by edsooliveira

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Alone In Myself



F Fsus4 Fsus2 Fsus4 
Dm C Bb Am Csus4 C 


F                             Fsus4 
I'm trying hard to match the picture that you paint of me 
Fsus2                            Fsus4 
You don't know how much I would give to really make you 
         Dm   C     Bb    Am    Csus4 C  
See that I'm right here, right now 

F                          Fsus4 
I speak a word and then I feel like losing mother tongue 
Fsus2                        Fsus4 
Aren't I grateless when you wanna make me feel 
          Dm   C     Bb    Am    Csus4 C 
That I belong right here, right now 

BRIDGE  F Fsus4 Dm C Am F 


F                                Fsus4    
There's many thoughts inside I whisper when I'm on my own 
Fsus2                             Fsus4 
It may be strange, but I can't phrase them right in front of you 
     Dm    C     Bb  Am    Csus4 C 
Not right here, not right now 

F                               Fsus4 
I'm walking down this lonesome lane and talk to god and hope 
Fsus2                           Fsus4 
That He'll be there to tell you all one day and let you know 
       Dm C    Bb Am   Csus4 C 
What's inside me down here 


   Bb                       C 
I feel like this road that fades into the night 
 Dm                  C 
Lit up by angels, I fail to recognize 
    Fsus4          F   Fsus2 F  C 
Is paved with the words that I don't find 

Bb F And I don't know my way Bb C Got no sight of salvation Bb F No matter how hard I pray Bb C I'm lost in translation Dm Bb F C Bb Ungrateful I run but don't move, alone in myself Bbm Alone in myself
BRIDGE F Dm C Am F SOLO Dm C Bb Am Csus4 C Chorus (same as before) OUTRO F Fsus4 F Fsus2

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