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Dire Straits

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Wild West End

Year: 1990 - Album: Dire Straits

Intro: 4 x  D   D   Em7   G 
D                              Em7             G 
 Stepping out to Angellucci's,  for my coffee beans 
D                         Em7         G 
 Checking out the movies, and the magazines 
D                         Em7                      G 
Waitress she watches me crossing from the Barocco Bar 
D               Em7      G 
I get a pickup, for my steel guitar 
D                (stop)             Em7                    G 
I saw you walking out, Shaftesbury Avenue 
D                        Em7 G 
Excuse me talking, I wanna   marry you 
D                                 Em7                 G 
This is the seventh heaven street, don't you seem so proud 
D                         Em7  G 
You're just another angel,     in the crowd 
         D                       Em7   G 
And I'm walking in the wild west end 
D                        Em7   G 
Walking in the wild west end 
D                             Em7  G      Am   G  F  D  C  D 
Walking with your wild best friend 
           D                                         Em7     G 
Now my conductress on the number nineteen, she was a honey (she was a honey) 
D                            Em7          G 
Pink toe-nails and hands all, dirty with money 
D                           Em7  G 
Greasy, greasy, greasy hair,     easy smile 
D                        Em7  G 
Made me feel, nineteen,       for a while 
D               Em7  G 
And I went down, to Chinatown 
D                                  Em7                G 
In the backroom it's a man's world, All the money go down 
D                        Em7  G 
Duck inside the doorway,     duck to eat 
D                 Em7         G 
Just aint no way, you and me, we can't beat 
D                         Em7  G 
Now the gogo dancing girl,     yes I saw her 
D                  Em7      G 
The deejay he say, "Here's Mandy for ya" 
D                                Em7  G 
I feel alright to have seen her,      do that stuff 
D                                     Em7               G 
She's dancing high I move on by, for close-ups can get rough 
Chorus    When you're walking... 
Outro:  3 x  Am   G  F  D  C  D 


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