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Dire Straits

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by gabriel101

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Solid Rock

Year: 1980 - Album: Making Movies

  		Intro: A 

well take a look at that 
         G             C 
i made a castle in the sand 
Em/B   D 
saying this is where it's at you know 
G             C 
couldn't understand now 
D                      G            C 
if i realised that the chances were slim 
    D                              G           C  Em/B 
how come i'm so surprised when the tide rolled in yeah 

      A         Bm   G 
        i wanna live on solid rock 
      A           Bm   G 
        i'm gonna live on solid rock 
      A         Bm              G 
        i wanna give i don't wanna be blocked 
        i'm gonna live on solid rock 

     A          Em 
well a house of cards 
    A               Em 
was never built for shock 
          A               Em          A 
you could blow it down on any kind of weather 
        Em          A   Em 
now two solid rocks two solid blocks 
you know they're gonna stick 
yeah they're gonna stick together 

A   Bm   /  G 
A   Bm   /  G 
A   Bm   /  G 

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