Dire Straits

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Dire Straits

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by gabriel101

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My Parties

Year: 1991 - Album: On Every Street

Em D/F#  /  G  Em 
Em D/F#  /  G  
C  D/F#  /  G  Em 
C   D            Em            C         B 
    Well this is my back yard - my back gate 
Em                    C         B     
    I hate to start my parties late 
Em                          C              B 
    Here's the party cart - ain't that great? 
C                                   D 
    That ain't the best part baby - just wait 
           Em                       C              D 
    That a genuine weathervane - it moves with the breeze 
	Em                          C     
    Portable hammock baby - who needs trees 
D            G           Em       G      Em  D/E    Em     
    It's casual entertaining - we aim to please 
D   G          Em 
    At my parties 
C D Em                 D     C            B 
    Check out the shingles - it's brand new 
Em                             Am          B 
    Excuse me while I mingle - hi, how are you 
Em           D             C              B     
    Hey everybody - let me give you a toast 
C                           D 
    This one's for me - the host with the most 
Em  D  / C  B 
Em     / C  B 
Em  D  / C  B 
C      / D 
C D Em             D                    C         B 
    It's getting a trifle colder - step inside my home 
    Em                                  Am               B 
    That's a brass toilet tissue holder with its own telephone 
Em             D                C                      B 
    That's a musical doorbell - it don't ring, I ain't kiddin' 
             C                         D 
    It plays america the beautiful and tie a yellow ribbon 
    Em              D         C        B 
    Boy, this punch is a trip - it's o.k. in my book 
Em                   Am                  B                
    Here, take a sip - maybe a little heavy on the fruit 
Em                     D         C            B 
    Ah, here comes the dip - you may kiss the cook 
    C                            D 
    Let me show you honey - it's easy - look 
Em             D                    C                B 
    You take a fork and spike 'em - say, did you try these? 
Em                               C             D 
    So glad you like 'em - the secret's in the cheese 
         G                               Em   D/E    Em 
    It's casual entertaining - we aim to please 
C D       G       Em 
    At my parties 
Em                       D           C       B 
    Now don't talk to me about the polar bear 
Em                             Am         B 
    Don't talk to me about the ozone layer 
    Ain't much of anything these days, even the air 
            C                       D 
    They're running out of rhinos - what do I care? 
    Let's hear it for the dolphin - let's hear it for the trees 
          C                         D 
    Ain't running out of nothing in my deep freeze 
           G                             Em   D/E   Em 
    It's casual entertaining - we aim to please 
C D    G         Em 
    At my parties 
C D        G 
  (do what you please) 


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