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Expresso Love Keyboard

Dire Straits

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by gabriel101

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Expresso Love

Year: 1980 - Album: Making Movies

  		Intro:Dm    Bb     /  Gm    C Dm    Bb     /  C 
             Dm            Bb     Gm   C 
She gets the sun in the daytime 
Dm      Bb          C  
perfume in the dusk 
        Dm               Bb         Gm   C 
and she comes out in the night time 
         Dm          Bb    C 
with the honeysuckle musk 
            Dm                 Bb   Gm   C 
because she smells just like a rose 
        Dm                 Bb      C 
and she tastes just like a peach 
Dm         Bb                Gm        C 
she got me walking where the wild life goes 
Dm  Bb          C 
      i'd do anything to reach her 
        and she was made in heaven 
        heaven's in the world 
     A7                Bb 
        is this just expresso love 
     G                                  Gsus4   G 
        you know i'm crazy for the girl 
G         A 
   well i feel so good cos i feel so good 
   and i feel so good cos it feels so right 
   i was made to go with my girl 
          Bb               C 
   like a saxophone was to go with the night 
   Dm    Bb     /  Gm    C 
   Dm    Bb     /  C 
   Dm    Bb     /  Gm    C 
   Dm    Bb     /  C

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