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Life Is A River Keyboard

Derek Ryan

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by victborges

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Life Is A River


                G                        C 
As I went out walking, on a fine summer day 
Through hills and the valleys 
                G     D 
I soon lost my way 
                   G                            C   
Till I came to an old man, kneeling down by a stream 
                  D                            G 
Gazing in to the water, like he was lost in a dream 
                    C                        G 
In his hand was a picture, he clung to for life 
                          A                         D 
And his eyes filled with tears, as he tried not to cry 
                    C    G                  Em 
As he looked to the heavens, he started to pray 
                     C  D                       G 
In the quiet country side, I could hear the man say 

G C Life is a river, I'll go with the flow D G D And where it will take me, the Lord only knows G C but I miss you sweetheart, your kindness and love G D G But i Know one day, we'll sail away on God's ocean above
He said now young man, you're a stranger to me Could I bother you kindly, for your company Today I am thinking, of a time long ago And I need to tell someone of a girl I love so It's 42 years today, since Rose took my hand and proudly I loved life, her husband, her man till only last week son, God took her away As I kissed her softly, these words she did say Life is a River... And with that the old man, sent me on my way and said 'by the water I'll kneel for the day' 'I look at the river, starting out on it's life, It's where I feel close to, my beautiful wife

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