Death Note

Theyre Only Human

Death Note

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Theyre Only Human

verse 1 
Dm      Am 
Look at how they crawl around 
Upon the Ground 
Like little Ants 
Am                E 
Yes, but how they fascinate, 
Confusing fate 
     F       E      Am 
With what is merely Chance 

Isnít it a laugh? 
Isnít it a shame? 
                  E                    Am 
Thinking there is someone in Heaven to blame 
              Dm                         Am 
Yes, but even while blaming fate for the lives that they lead, 
     Bm                           E 
They hope for the lives that they need 

             Am                    Bm 
Living every Day Ďtil the Day they die 
Never getting Answers 
                 A   Am 
Yet still asking why 
                  Dm                       Am 
Going through the Motions as if there will be a reward 
      B                 E 
While we stay eternally bored! 

Am Theyíre only Human Dm They donít see B E Am Who they are is who theyíll always be Am Dm Only Human, after all Bm So they push and they shove E Am With this thing they call Love ĎTil they fall!
verse 2 Am Isnít it a farce? Bm Isnít it a waste? E Am Struggling to Face what can never be faced Dm Am Yes, but maybe Death can release something more than we share B E I really donít know and donít care
Am Theyíre only Human Dm Standing still B E Am Doomed to live pushing boulders uphill Am Dm Only Human, after all Bm So they give and they take E Am Hoping someone will help break their Fall
Bridge D Bm E Am They will pray, curse, live die Dm B E Am Never knowing their Truth is another Manís Lie Dm B Em Am Eat, sleep, love, hate Dm Like a Leaf blowing in the Wind B E Watch them all vacillate!
A#m Theyíre only Human D#m They canít see Cm F A#m All the Years they could give you and me D#m Only Human, after all Cm F So they give and we take ĎTil their silly Hearts break F# F Looking down from above Iím intrigued by their Love A#m F A#m So letís call!

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