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Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by wenderjunior

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Year: 1998 - Album: Supernatural

Key:  F# More
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  		F#                                 G
I saw it all from my bubble on the 15th floor 
(I was so unaware I sank into my letter chair) 
F#                              G
Upon my throne I was known as untouchable 
(The smoke was creepin' in my castle walls were wearing thin) 
F#                                      G
It took a fire to inspire me to make my move 
G               E
Cigarette in a garbage can 
G                        E
Changed the ways of this corporate man 
G                 F#       F
It was time for a radical plan  
E I took a dive E G A I took a love plunge into your arms E I took a dive E G A I took a love plunge into your arms E G A I jumped in with all my heart E G A Am I took a dive
F# G Follow mw through the door to the great unknown (Something was telling me that this would shape my destiny) F# G Take my hand understand you are not alone (Shame on me if I oppose the stirring of the Holy Ghost) G E Heard a voice calling out to me G E I come to set your spirit free G A Am And in me you are free in deed Chorus E G A Won't you come and take a dive with me E G A Won't you come and take a dive with me E G A Jump in with all your heart G A Am E And take a dive Ponte: E G A I'm breathing underwater E G A I'm sinking like a submarine E G A Your ocean's so much deeper E G A Than anything I've ever dreamed Chorus

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