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Carry Me Keyboard

David Myles

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by jessgomes

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Carry Me

  		verse 1 
      A         E             D 
Carry me, carry me, wonít you carry me, youíre 
               Dm                   A 
 gonna have to carry me, Ďcause you make me, 
         E                 A 
 whoa you make me, feel so weak, 

verse 2 
              A             E                   D 
 So stay with me, stay with me, now that youíre here with 
me, why wonít you stay with me, whoa Iím 
 A                    E                 A 
 begging please, whoa please, stay with me, 

(Short break, replay chords for verse 1) 

verse 3 
ĎCause Iíve lived without you, Iíve been strong 
    E                             D 
without you, but I canít go on without you, no I 
                Dm                 A 
 canít go on without you, Ďcause I love the way, 
       E                         A 
whoa I love the way, you make me weak, whoa I 
 E                          A     D    Dm    A 
 love the way, you make me weak 

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