Danni Carlos


Danni Carlos


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Year: 2005 - Album: Rock'n Road All Night

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	  		Intro: B7 B7/4 B7 B7/9 
Em       D                C/C#  C 
   Things haven't been the same 
Em        D              C     
   Since you came into my life 
     Em    D     C/C#      C 
You found a way to touch my soul 
        B7                     B7/4     B7 B7/9 
And I'm never, ever, ever gonna let it go 
Am (riff1)  B (riff2)       Em 
   Happiness lies in your own hand 
   D       D4 D  Am     (riff1) B 
It took me much too long to understand 
How it could be 
D        D/Eb                     Em 
Until you shared your secret with me 
D  C/C#                C   Em D 
    Something's comin' over, mmm mmm 
C/C#                C     Em D 
Something's comin' over, mmm mmm 
C/C#                C    B7 
Something's comin' over me 
   B7/4        B7 
My baby's got a secret 
Em           D           C/C#  
  You gave me back the paradise 
C          Em    D        C/C# C 
 That I thought I lost for good 
    Em       D       C/C#      C 
You helped me find the reasons why 
   B7                          B7/4 B7 
It took me by surprise that you understood 
Em   D           C/C# 
  You knew all along 
C      Em      D       C    
 What I never wanted to say 
   Em    D         C/C#   C 
Until I learned to love myself 
      B7                  B7/4  B7 
I was never ever lovin' anybody else 
Contribuição: Camila Figueiredo de Souza([email protected]) 


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