Courage Brothers


Courage Brothers

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D                G  D          Bm            G 
Iím going back to Burlingtown, got a ride up 89 

D                  G  D               Bm      A 
The engine makes a lonely sound as we drive, on through the night 

G         D                                  A 
Thereís a love lying, waiting for me somewhere 

G         D               A 
I hear it calling for me now 

G           A      Em                G 
It could be mine if I can get there, somehow 

G D A G D A And Iím so cold, yea Iím so cold G D A G A Dsus Hey Iím so cold I guess Iíll go back now
Verse Iím going back to Burlingtown, heaven knows itís been too long I see the mountainís distant crown and I know that Iíve been wrong Memories pass before me like a movie They leave their mark upon my brow My mind is lost in what it could be, somehow Chorus Guitar Solo F#m Ė G Ė D F#7 Ė G Ė A - A Verse Iím pulling into Burlingtown with a light, October snow Weíre traveling with the dark of night, but my heart knows where to go Real love rises all around me It shines its light upon my way

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