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Counting Crows

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F#m               C#m
Start tearing the old man down

E                        B
Run past the heather and down to the old road

F#m                 C#m
Start turning the grain into the ground

Roll a new leaf over

F#m     C#m
In the middle of the night, theres an

E                    B
old man treading around in the gathered rain

F#m                         C#m
Well mister if you're gonna walk on water

E           D             A (Hold the A into the chorus)
Could you drop a line my way?

(A)   E

F#m           D
 somwehere in middle America

A                E
Get right to the heart of matters

D                            A
   Its the heart that matters more

E                     F#m              B
I think you'd better turn your ticket in

D                               A
And get your money back at the door

That is the basis of the song, you should be 
able to work out the rest from here!!

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