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Anything Goes Keyboard

Cole Porter

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Anything Goes

  		 A      E7     Cdim       A6 
In olden days a glimpse of stocking 
A    E7          Bm7/5-      A  
Was looked on as something shocking -- 
     A9    A7   D6   Dm6  Fdim Bm7/5-      Fdim  A 
Now, Hea - ven knows,           an - y - thing goes. 
       A      E7       Cdim       A6      A 
Good authors, too, who once knew better words 
E7      Bm7/5-      A 
Now only use four-letter words 
 A9    A7   D6   Dm6  Fdim Bm7/5-      Fdim  A    G#7 
Writ - ing prose,           an - y - thing goes. 
                    C#7                  G#7 
The world has gone mad today, and good's bad today 
            C#m7                   G#7 
And black's white today and day's night today 
         C#m7                  F#7 
And most guys today that women prize today 
          Bm7  Bm7/5-       E7 
Are just silly  gi - gi - los. 
      A       E7    Cdim       A6     A 
So though I'm not a great ro - man - cer 
    E7             Bm7/5-      A 
I  know that you're bound to ans - wer when   
A9  A7    D6  Dm6  Fdim  Bm7/5-      Fdim  A     
I  pro - pose             an - y - thing goes. 


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