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Half The Man

      Gm                          D 
She's every reason I take so much work on 
          Gm                            D  
And every reason I take so much time at home 
          Gm                            D 
And every single reason why I'm so much stronger 
          Em             G         A 
And every reason I could never be alone 
D                  C   C/B C/A  G 
Look at me, you'll see who I've found 
      Bm                          A 
I'm beside myself whenever she's around 
D                        C C/B C/A G 
Without her, you'd see a different man 
              Em                 A              D 
It's what she makes of me, she's half the man I am 
When the rivers all run dry, she finds the water 
And when everything is dark, she finds the light 
And when it's time to fly, she's flying with me 
With her on the wing, we balance out just right 
I'm what she's made of me, she's half the man I am 
Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 


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