Chron Gen


Chron Gen

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Intro: B G F# G B A (2x) 

G                   F#           G               B     A 
Eyes wide mouth dry I'm so high, never think I'm gonna die 
G               F#           G              B      A         
I'm just flying like a kite, up all day and up all night, 
G               F#           B             
all night.                                    Chron Gen!   
G               F#           B             
                                              Chron Gen! 

G               F#                G               B       A 
Next day I'm so full of surprise, last night told so many lies 
G                 F#           G                     B     A 
It's just reality in disguise, I've fallen for those awful lies, 
G               F#             B            
those lies.                                   Chron Gen! 
G               F#             B            
                                              Chron Gen! 

G          F#           G             B       A 
See me now I wanna cry, reality can't keep me high 
G               F#                 G           B         A 
I just can't handle a normal life, I wanna die give me a knife, 
G               F#              B              
a knife                                        Chron Gen! 
G               F#              B            
                                               Chron Gen! 

G               F#           G              B       A  
Tell me what it's all about, it's all about getting out 
G             F#               G                B       A 
I'm in a cage inside my brain, Give me the key, I wanna speed  
G               F#              B              
again                                               Chron Gen! 
G               F#              B 

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