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verse 1 

 D                    F#m 
You wake up, with an empty hand 
           G                          D      A 
You never had a choice of where your life began 
 D                         F#m 
Where you sleep is covered by the stars  
'Cause you don't have a home.  
               D                    A 
Where are you going? Where will you go? 

D As you run, run, run, run, run A Looking for something that is gone Bm Blinded by the lies that you don't see. You're not alone G What people always say you don't have to be D Run, run, run (Where are you going to) A Turn, turn, turn (The truth is calling you) Bm G D Let me hear you say (Oh let me hear you say now) whoa-oh, love is on the way
verse 2 I wake up to reality And now it's calling me to be a kind of hope You're looking for But I am here and you're so far away There s no more time to waste No longer waiting, I'm ready to go-oh

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