Cereus Bright


Cereus Bright

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	  		Standard Tuning 

Intro D G D x3 

D   G    D 
You been dancin 
  G    D 
I been watchin 
G   D 
You move 

D      G     D 
Float like a feather 
  G  D 
You never 
G         D 
Touch the ground 


D    G  D 
Time is turnin 
G          D 
My heart's burnin' 
G  D 
Me through 
                  G        D       G     
Oh, I'm scared to close my eyes in case I 
D       A           D 
Miss my chance with you 
G           D          A 
Didn't know what I was missin' 
G           D            A 
You gave me something to miss 

D G D I don't need anybody G D I'm fine here on my own G D But if I needed somebody G A D It'd be you, I'd call my own D G D I intercept you G D As you walk toward G D The door G D G Oh, I know you've danced a hundred songs, D A D But stay with me one more G D A Didn't know how I could tell you G D A But you could already tell

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