Buddy Holly

Learning The Game

Buddy Holly

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Learning The Game

	  		Intro:  A   E   D   E  D   E  A  D A  
A               E          D           E 
Hearts that are broken and love that's untrue 
D             E            A      D  A 
these go with learning the game 
A             E           D            E     
When you love her and she doesn't love you 
D           E            A     D  A    
you're only learning the game 
D    A   D    A    D      A   E 
When she says that you're the only one she'll ever love 
D    A   D    A    D   A   E 
then you find that you are not the one she's thinking of 
A          E              D             E 
Feeling so sad and you're all alone and blue 
D                  E            A      D  A      
that's when you're learning the game 


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