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Dearest Keyboard

Buddy Holly

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by tamamoreira

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Capo IV 

Intro:A D E (4x) 

A         D                 E             A    D 
 though you're the nearest to my heart 
E            A  D    E   
please don't ever -  ya, 
               A   D E 
ever say we'll part 

    A  D   E               A   D E 
You scold, and you were so bold 
    A    D         E 
yes together - umm ya 
                   A         E 
our love will grow old - umm ya 
                   A  D E 
our love will grow old 

    A   D    E              A   D E 
You may be a million miles away 
         A     D        E 
please believe me - umm ya 
                 A  E 
when you hear me say 
       A D E        A  D E 
I love you - I love you 

     A  D   E                            A   D E 
Come home - keep me from these sleepless nights 
       A     D          E 
try my love again - umm ya 
                    A           E 
I'm gonna treat you right - umm ya 
                    A   D  
I'm gonna treat you right 

Intro: A D E A  

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